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Tall Table Arrangements

Create a grand dramatic look to your tables and dress the room with your creativity. Your space should feel instantly transformed and will make for beautiful images of your day. 

There's nothing quite like walking into a grand reception room adorned with tables topped with towering floral centrepieces. Instantly wow your guests and don’t forget these will make for beautiful images on your day. In order to achieve the height we can design floral pieces in crystal vases, gilt risers, canerabra’s, trees or whatever you need to make your vision come to light. Additional options include stock, branches and greenery, driftwood or tree stumps or even curly willow. These tall arrangements are ideal for those venues with tall ceilings, receptions in tents or barns and manor houses, they draw guests' eyes up and create a cohesive look that breaks the barrier between your guests' tables and high venue ceilings

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